Cardiophone Cardiac Event Monitor


A breakthrough cardiac event monitor that combines cardiac monitoring & cell phone technologies in one unit

The Cardiophone is a digital wireless loop recorder that enhances diagnostic yield with onboard arrhythmia detection algorithms for automatic detection, recording and transmission. The Cardiophone records and transmits a patients' ECG, in real-time, to our 24 hour monitoring facility where trained cardiovascular technicians are standing by, ready to alert both the patient and physician when urgent or emergent events arise.

Transmissions occur without the need for patient interaction through the use of remote wireless monitoring technology. All the patient has to do is attach the Cardiophone and the rest is taken care of automatically!

Canadian Cardiac Care is the only cardiac centre in all of Canada and the Middle East exclusively carrying this advanced technology.

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A single device for patient comfort, convenience & ease of use.

Why Choose Cardiophone?

Adding the device to your new or existing services is a simple turn-key process. Full technical and operational support is provided to physicians who use the Cardiophone at their clinics.


  • Innovative

    Records & transmits patients ECG in real-time 24/7

  • Instant

    Threatening situations can be anticipated & acted upon immediately

  • Integrated

    Complete & comprehensive data points are available in each report

Cardiophone Monitor with Case

Benefits for Patients

  • Single device for convenience, comfort and ease of use.

  • No battery charger required.

  • No patient interaction to transmit
    data to physician.

  • Simple, easy to use, improving
    patient compliance.

  • Early detection and treatment.

Benefits for Physicians

  • Records and transmits a patient’s ECG in real-time in Canada’s own 24/7 monitoring site.

  • Threatening situations can be anticipated and acted upon immediately.

  • Recording and transmission occur without the intervention of patients.

  • Preliminary report will be sent to cardiologist or internist to finalize report.

Real-time Cardiac Event Monitoring Process

Patient using Cardiophone

Wireless Transmission

Transmission occurs automatically without the need for patient intervention.

CCMC Monitoring Agent

24/7 Wireless Monitoring

Real-time continuous monitoring provided by the Canadian Cardiac Monitoring Centre.

Patient's daily routine

Regular Daily Routine

Patients can go about their regular daily activities while being monitored 24/7.

Physician being notified

Notifications & Alerts

The physician will be contacted if urgent or emergent events arise.

9-1-1 Emergency Medical Services

Threatening Arrhythmias

Emergency services will be contacted if a threatening arrhythmia is received.

Patients have access to a 24/7 Hour Helpline to address any technical issues that may arise.

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The Cardiophone was tested against a traditional wearable monitor suggesting that this new technology was about six or eight times better at measuring atrial fibrillation in patients at risk for stroke. Early identification of of atrial fibrillation can save lives. On top of its life saving potential, Cardiophone monitoring should allow earlier discharge of patients from hospital, which could save the health care system millions of dollars.

Cardiophone Package
Cardiophone Loop Monitor Sample Report

24/7 monitoring allows for early detection & early treatment.

Cardiophone Closeup
Cardiophone Closeup 2
Cardiophone Closeup 3

Noninvasive ambulatory ECG monitoring for an extended
duration (up to 15 days) significantly improved the detection of atrial fibrillation by a factor of more than five times and nearly doubled the rate of anticoagulant treatment, as compared with the standard practice of short-duration ECG monitoring.

N Engl J Med 2014; 370:2467-2477 June 26, 2014

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