Real-Time Advanced Arrhythmia Diagnostics

The MobileCardiacTelemetry (MCT) provides continuous, mobile and real-time monitoring. This advanced arrhythmia diagnostic device offers the functionality of outpatient cardiac telemetry solutions alongside comprehensive reporting and statistical analysis reporting. It is the only FDA and Health Canada approved monitor to unify traditional Holter, Event and Mobile Telemetry Monitoring in a single, compact, easy to use device. The MCT’s proprietary technology serves both short-term and long-term clinical studies with remote access to continuous up-to-date data.

The MobileCardiacTelemetry (MCT) produces detailed, instantly accessible reports which have been screened and verified by the Canadian Cardiac Monitoring Centre’s (CCMC) team of highly skilled cardiovascular technicians and doctors. These reports provide the physician with the detailed, accurate and up-to-date information needed to accurately diagnose each patient.

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The 24-hour, 7-days a week transmission leaves no arrhythmia unnoticed.


  • Smooth, compact design
  • Continuous streaming and data collection
  • Patient activation capabilities (supports correlation between symptoms and patient activities)
  • Real time transmission and analysis of every heartbeat
  • Detailed, instantly accessible electronic reports
  • Hourly and daily trends summaries
  • Embedded rechargeable lithuium-ion battery
  • AC battery charger
  • 24-hour, 7-days a week monitoring & technical support from the Canadian Cardiac Monitoring Centre‘s (CCMC) highly skilled cardiovascular technicians and doctors.



Three electrodes continuously capture the patients' ECG & acceleration signals.


Enables physicians to analyze a patient’s ECG during all activities. Embedded algorithms detect all cardiovascular abnormalities.


Full disclosure ECG’s are generated & all data gathered is clearly displayed in the comprehensive patient report.


Embedded technology continuously records & transmits to the CCMC for review by certified cardiovascular technologists & cardiologists.


The patients cardiovascular monitoring report can be send in preliminary format to a cardiologist or a physician to be read.

Real-time Cardiac Event Monitoring Process

Wireless Transmission

Transmission occurs automatically without the need for patient intervention.

24/7 Wireless Monitoring

Real-time continuous monitoring provided by the Canadian Cardiac Monitoring Centre.

Regular Daily Routine

Patients can go about their regular daily activities while being monitored 24/7.

Notifications & Alerts

The physician will be contacted if urgent or emergent events arise.

Threatening Arrhythmias

Emergency services will be contacted if a threatening arrhythmia is received.

Patients have access to a 24/7 Hour Helpline to address any technical issues that may arise.

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Convenient compact design. Real-time comprehensive reporting.

Report Features

  • Patient's Arrhythmia Burden   Graphical representation of the burdens of each major arrhythmia group during test period.

  • Most Important ECG Strips   Each arrhythmia category is accompanied by miniaturized ECG strips representing the most important or extreme event within given category.

  • Daily Arrhythmia Trend Reporting   Heart rate and arrhythmia events are available in calendar view including patient-reported symptoms to help identity current and evolving patterns.

  • Interpretation and Review   Upon completion of test diagnostic notes from the Canadian Cardiac Monitoring Centre (CCMC) and cardiologist interpretation are entered and finalized.

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    The MobileCardiacTelemetry (MCT) enables physicians to analyze a patient’s ECG during all routine activities and at the highest level of detail possible. All data gathered by the MCT is clearly displayed in the comprehensive patient report for the physician.


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