Real Time Display ECG Waveform

A Portable Scanner for Recording, Storing & Analyzing ECGs

HandiECG is a portable ECG scanner for physicians to scan their patients; the HandiECG can also be issued to patients to use independently for extended monitoring and tracking their ECG due to HandiECG’s capability to store ECG readings. The ECG reading process only takes 30 seconds to acquire an accurate, easy to read ECG. The ECG readings that are stored on the HandiECG can then be transferred to a computer enabling the physician to further analyze the ECG readings and have them individually printed as a report with the optional InstaCheck software.

HandiECG records and analyzes a patients’ heart rhythm. The wireless, electrode-free and portable nature of the device means fewer lifestyle restrictions on the patient. The ECG readings that are stored on the HandiECG can then be transferred to a computer enabling the physician to farther analyze the ECG reading.

Versatility & Convenience for Patients & Physicians

HandiECG Features

  • Compact, lightweight and easy to use
  • Symptom marking
  • Quick 30 second single-channel ECG waveform analysis with/without electrodes – no contact gel needed
  • USB port to transfer ECG strips to PC for data management (USB cable & software included)
  • Easy to read – Large, high resolution backlit LCD display
  • Auto power-off after 35 second idle time
  • Protective neoprene carrying pouch
  • 2xAAA battery operated
  • Data management software optional

The HandiECG can be used in various settings where an ECG is needed without taking up time, space, or effort. Its' convenient portable design enables users to have the device ready anywhere, anytime.
HandiECG saves separate ECG episodes and automatically analyzes the heart traces as efficiently as possible – this is because it only takes 30 seconds to read a patient’s ECG.

How the HandiECG works

Easy to Store

The HandiECG's portable size allows for easy storage and access between uses.

Easy to Use

User-friendly interface guides you through the ECG process.

Surface Electrodes

Get an ECG recorded by placing thumbs on the surface electrodes.

OR Two Leads

Alternatively, users can attach 2 leads on the wrists or chest to get an instant ECG reading.

Instant ECG Report

View report on screen, download, print or transmit to the CCMC.

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